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WATCH YOUR BALANCEnYou begin with $1000 and can only go into the red by $1000 yourself.nnDAILY TURNSnNew peeps will ask for money; choose your debtors and terms wisely. $5 daily maintenance cost.nnDEADBEAT OVERDUE DEBTORSnYou have three options:nEXTEND: one more day, increases likeliness of paying next timenTHREATEN: chance to collect, but they may evade you!nKILL: increases reputation, but you forfeigt the money

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Lone Shark

Lone Shark is a turn-based game of risk and reward.

Swim your own way as the lone loan shark in a sea of deadbeat surfers, all asking to borrow money. Be kind or be ruthless, as decisions affect your reputation – and whether someone pays up or skips town.

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