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You have 60 seconds on each level to catch Bruce.nTry also to catch as much fishes as possible in order to get the best score.nBonus will help you in your task.nBrown fish : 1 to 15 pointsnYellow fish : 25 pointsnBlue fish : 50 pointsnPink fish : 75 pointsnRed fish : 100 pointsnGreen fish : 150 pointsnBruce : 175 pointsnnBlack fishes : they doesn't move and you will find them at night only. Avoid them unless you're in gravity mode !nGray Fishes : You can't catch them and you can't avoid them unless you're in ghost mode !nLife : you start the game with 3 lives but you will find a life bonus every 5 levels.nTreasure : find it to get 5000 points bonus !nnYellow potion : speed up fish catchnPink potion : change brown fish in pink fishnRed potion : you can aim with the mousenBlue potion : you will pass trough gray fishnGreen potion : the bubble will move on black fishesnnTo fire a bubble you can use :n- the mouse buttonn- the S key or the down arrow keynnIn gravity mode the bubble can be move with thenarrow keys or with the WAD keysnnClick on pause button or use the P key to pausenClick on sound button or use the M key to mutennYou're ready to play !nGood luck and have fun...

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Bruce & Bonnie 02 – Bubble Fishing

It’s fishing time for Bruce and Bonnie ! Help Bonnie to catch as more fish as possible while Bruce is swimming with them. But wait, Bruce can’t breath undewater ! Keep him back to the little boat before the time’s run out !

This game include :
– 20 levels
– 4 weathers (sunny,windy, rainy, night)
– 8 types of fish
– 6 bonus type (life, speed mode, sniper mode, pink fish, ghost mode, gravity mode)
– 1 treasure !

Your progress will be automaticly saved during the game.

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